Our Story

Native Ground Coffee is a Native American owned Coffee Company from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community in Arizona. We strive to provide businesses, and our communities with a High Quality Coffee Experience, while inspiring others to take chances and improve their community.

History & Culture

Native Ground Coffee brings O'odham history and culture to the mainstream coffee world. Thousands of years before the Spanish came to the Americas, our O'odham people were drinking caffeinated drinks derived from the cacao tree. Our ancestors traded with the tribes from Mesoamerica, where the coca tree is indigenous. The "black drink" as it was called, was used for special occasions and medicinal purposes. Once the coffee plant was introduced to the Americas in the 17th century, it didn't take long until the indigenous peoples grew, and traded the coffee beans throughout the Western hemisphere, and eventually the world.

Our Vision

To create a coffee company that can unite Native peoples of different grassroots and professional backgrounds, as well as everyday people who support our community. From the traditional, to the pow wow dancers, to the tribal leader, all coming together to enjoy a cup of coffee. A coffee brand that shares our core values, common culture, and reminds the world we are still here.